Single Review: Rae Morris – Atletico

rae morris someone out there

Rae Morris continues exciting reinvention with ‘Atletico’
When Rae Morris returned earlier this year with her comeback single ‘Reborn’, it became immediately clear that the British singer and songwriter did shake things up in terms of sound. The mostly piano based singer-songwriter pop made place for a more synth driven electronic pop sound. She continued this path with the playful and insanely catchy follow up ‘Do It’. Rae’s second album, Someone Out There, will be released in February and she just dropped third single ‘Atletico’, another tune and a half!

Morris already provided us with one of the most exciting reinventions of the year and her sophomore record is shaping up to be an electro pop dream! ‘Atletico’ is just as upbeat and infectious as its two predecessors with a swinging chorus and Rae using the higher register of her voice. Lyrically the track deals with meeting someone you can’t take your eyes off that stays on your mind although you did not have the guts to go talk to him. Relatable queen! Rae Morris is truly serving the bops this year and she will continue to do so next year, as her album will drop on the 2nd of February!

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