Song of the Day: Dotter – Rebellion


Dotter releases ‘Rebellion’ and enters Melodifestivalen
It has been quiet around Swedish singer-songwriter and pop artist Dotter for a while, but she is back and here to stay! Last Friday she dropped her new single ‘Rebellion’ and on Tuesday it was announced that she is going to compete in Melodifestivalen, the biggest pop competition in Sweden in which their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. That is a lot of exciting news in one week!

Dotter caught our attention with a flawless string of singles, including the magical ‘Creatures of the Sun’ and ‘Evolution’. Now she is back with the brand new tune ‘Rebellion’ and she sounds poppier and catchier than ever before. Such an infectious little tune! If this track is anything to go by, her participation at Melodifestivalen is something to look forward to!

Technically, Dotter participated in Melodifestivalen for the first time last year, but then as a songwriter of Mariette’s ‘A Million Years’, which made it to the third spot in the final. This year she will compete against Mariette, who is back in the competition for a third time. Dotter is going to perform the song ‘Cry’, written by Linnea Deb, Peter Boström Thomas G:Son and Johanna Jansson, which is Dotter herself! Interestingly enough, she will perform a song written by three Eurovision winners, as Linnea Deb co-wrote ‘Heroes’ (2015) while Boström and G:Son were the men behind Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ (2012). Dotter explained how she got her hands on ‘Cry’ and then rewrote it a little bit. She ‘Dottered’ it up, if you will. February can’t come soon enough, because thank God for ‘Rebellion’, thank God for Dotter!

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