Friday’s Five Tunes with Whinnie Williams

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Always wondered what pop stars themselves listen to whenever they are not on stage or writing new music? It’s time to find out! Every week, A Bit of Pop Music will bring you Friday’s Five Tunes, a selection of five favourite songs by a current pop artist. This week we get to enjoy five of the songs Whinnie Williams is in love with!

British pop artist Whinnie Williams has been around for quite a few years now. Under a few different stage names, she worked hard to make it and as Whinnie she seems to have found the sound and style that suits her best. She first appeared on my radar when she released the stunning single ‘Too Strong’, accompanied by a vintage video, at the end of 2015 and now she is back with ‘What About Me’. The style of Williams consists of mostly pop and R&B elements and her crystal clear vocals are made for big pop records. For ‘What About Me’ she uses the higher register of her soaring voice and the laidback rhythm is hypnotizing. I for one can’t wait to see the video, because she always delivers in terms of looks and visuals. So what is Whinnie actually listening to when she is not creating flawless tunes or videos herself?

Crystal Bats – Anyone
“Apart from the Crystal Bat boys being my best friends, they wrote their album in my old house and I remember laying in the bath and hearing this through the walls and thinking: ‘WTF this is amazing!!!’ They have a timeless style and class to them.”

Kelis – Millionaire
“I played ‘Millionare by Kelis last week when I was DJ’ing and it is one of those tracks that always gets everybody going.”

Art School Girlfriend – Bending Back
“She is my new Margate (the seaside UK town that Whinnie calls home) mate. Her new EP Measures is amazing!”

Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor
“When I just want to sing like crazy, I play this song in the bath.”

Jerry Williams – Let’s Just Forget It
“Such beautiful words! This girl is killing me!”

The two lessons we have learned today is that Whinnie Williams has got a flawless taste in music, which does not come as a surprise. Also, she seems to love baths! Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to have a bath too while listening to her new single ‘What About Me’.  I might as well dive into ‘Real Damn Bad’ and ‘Too Strong’ again. And so should you!

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