Single Review: Louis Tomlinson – Miss You

louis tomlinson miss you

Louis Tomlinson launches new single ‘Miss You’
While three out of five of the former One Direction members launched their solo debut albums, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are still trying to build up hype by releasing singles. Tomlinson’s solo career took off at the end of last year when he sang on Steve Aoki single ‘Just Hold On’. He returned earlier this year with Bebe Rexha duet ‘Back To You’ and promo single ‘Just Like You’, the first track where he is truly on his own, in October. The proper next single ‘Miss You’ is out now!

The good news here is that ‘Miss You’ is the single that seems to fit Louis as an artist most of everything he has released so far. It is not miles away from the sound of One Direction; just a tad more mature and explicit. It is pure pop with a very, very light (can’t emphasize the light part enough) rock vibe. The chorus is big and catchy to say the least, although his vocals struggle to properly carry it. Oh and what are those strings (or something that sounds similar) doing in the background. Seems a bit misplaced… Either way, ‘Miss You’ is about having a good night out with your friends while something just feels off. Just when the alcohol properly kicks in, he realizes: “shit, maybe I miss you”. He delivers this in quite the thick accent, which somehow adds to the charm. This could actually become his most successful track since the end of One Direction!

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