Single Review: Charli XCX – Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo & Alma)

charli xcx pop2 cover

Charli XCX announces new mixtape and drops track with Tove Lo and Alma
While pop fans have been eagerly waiting for another album by pop rebel Charli XCX since she dropped her second one back in 2014, she knows how to keep them busy in the meantime. Although a third album is still not announced, we never have to do without new Charli XCX material for too long. Earlier this year she dropped her mixtape Number 1 Angel followed by the one off single ‘Boys’ in July. She now casually announced another mixtape, Pop 2, released on the 15th of December. There will be numerous collaborations, including one with Carly Rae Jepsen. The first single however, features Swedish pop star Tove Lo and the Finnish breakthrough artist Alma.

Although Charli XCX is credited as the main artist on this tune, she basically just provided vocals on the second verse, while Tove Lo gets the first one and is the most prominent in the chorus as well. The track suits the voice of the pop star who just released her album Blue Lips perfectly though. Alma, mostly known for her hit single ‘Dye My Hair’, has a lower tone to her voice that matches well with the sound of Tove and Charli. The chorus has an irresistible hook and the production by Sophie and A.G. Cook takes it to a higher level. Well, there was no going wrong with these three pop ladies on one single anyway! More of this on the EP next week please!

Listen to the track over here.

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