Single Review: Lily Allen – Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs)

lily allen trigger bang

Lily Allen returns with Giggs collab ‘Trigger Bang’
Lily Allen is back! The British pop star hasn’t really been releasing any new music after her Sheezus record came out back in May 2014, but that changed today. Not fully according to plan though. Allen shared on social media that the release of her new single ‘Trigger Bang’ was coming sooner than planned as the tune leaked. The pop star who had numerous hits including ‘Smile’, ‘The Fear’, ‘Not Fair’ and ‘Hard Out Here’ is finally ready for the next chapter!

Although Allen did not release new music, she regularly made headlines by speaking out about political topics, including women’s rights, the refugee crisis and Brexit. Needless to say she received a whole lot of vile Twitter hate, but that did not stop her from sharing more opinions. I for one can’t wait for the anthems on her next album, possibly titled The Fourth Wall, that deal with those topics and of course the people that threatened her. Something tells me she could write some sharp and infectious pop tunes about it!

The new single ‘Trigger Bang’, featuring a rap from Giggs and produced by Fryars, is an upbeat track about leaving the people behind that won’t be good for you in the long run, mentioning drug addiction and self destructive behaviour. “And it fuels my addictions, hanging out in this whirlwind. If you cool my ambitions, I’m gonna cut you out”, Lily sings over a light hiphop beat. The track starts out with the rap by Giggs and when Lily takes over, she reveals the bright and catchy chorus. It is not like we expected anything less from her though! And she even has her own little M.I.A. ‘Paper Planes’ moment with the ‘trigger bang bang bang bang’ sound effects! Hurray to Lily Allen finally being back and get ready for a lot more of her in 2018!

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