Friday’s Five Tunes with Emmelie De Forest

Emmelie de Forest Sanctuary

Always wondered what pop stars themselves listen to whenever they are not on stage or writing new music? It’s time to find out! Every week, A Bit of Pop Music will bring you Friday’s Five Tunes, a selection of five favourite songs by a current pop artist. This week we spoke to Emmelie de Forest about her new music and she selected her five favourite songs for us!

Danish pop artist Emmelie De Forest, who won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2013 with her track ‘Only Teardrops’, is back with her brand new single ‘Sanctuary’. Through PledgeMusic she collected the money to record an EP that is coming out next year. We caught up with Emmelie to learn more about her new project and her favourite songs!

You just released your brand new single ‘Sanctuary’. What is the story behind the song?
“I wrote ‘Sanctuary’ a year ago in London with american singer-songwriter Allyson Ezell and British and Portuguese producers Matthew Ker and Jo Pereira. It was the first song we wrote together and it all happened very quickly. The word just popped up and we wrote the track all about a free space where you can explore and create. To me music is a sanctuary.”

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You used platform PledgeMusic to fund your upcoming EP. What was it like to reach your goal through crowdfunding?
“It was really exciting and nerve-wracking! You have to reach 100% of your goal on PledgeMusic or the money will go back to where it came from. I was so lucky to reach 150% of my goal! I have some really awesome and supportive fans! I had so much fun creating my little Pledge shop, where fans could support in different ways, like pre-ordering my EP, buy merchandise, a personalized birthday song or even an audio file with me guiding them around my favorite museum.”

On the PledgeMusic site you wrote that it took you a while to figure out your sound. What is the sound on the EP going to be like and when can we expect the release?
“The EP release was originally planned for March/April, but now it looks like it might be in February already. The EP is a bold mix of styles. We took inspiration from the 80s, but, there’s some more electronic and edgy songs on it as well. I would say ‘Sanctuary’ is most in line with my old stuff actually.”

As you fund your project through Pledge you have more artistic freedom, but at the same time probably more work and responsibility on your plate in terms of your career. How does it feel to be in charge?
“It was a great experience to create this EP and to figure out how the songs should sound in terms of production. There is definitely more work you have to do when you’re an independent artist, but the freedom that comes with it, is worth it all. I’ve also been fortunate enough to make a license deal on my EP with a Swedish label, Cosmos Music, so I’m not all on my own!”

Thanks for that Emmelie! Now let us have a look at the songs you selected!

Händel – Lascia chi’o pianga
“This is my favorite aria from Händel’s ‘Rinaldo’. I heard it for the first time in my parents’ home, when I was about 8 years old. I learned to sing the Italian words and sang it for my school concert in second grade. It’s still one of my favorite music pieces!”

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
“Kate Bush is probably one of my all time favorite artists. She reminds me of my childhood and I remember that I’d never heard anything like her before. I thought she sounded like a mouse inside the radio, but still so beautiful. Wuthering Heights is also one of my favorite books. I chose the version with new vocals, as it is not as mousy. In my opinion it is even better than the original.”

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
“I discovered this song and Imorgen Heap as an artist a few years ago and I got so fascinated by how much she experiments with sounds and effects. This song has some of the best melodies and lyrics. I still think it’s one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard.”

M83 – My Tears Are Becoming A Sea
“I’m a big M83 fan and I discovered him after I watched a few films with his songs in it as score music. All his songs are so beautiful and cinematic. I discovered this one after I watched the trailer for Rust And Bone and it became on of my favourite films.”

Highasakite – Lover Where Do You Live
“A favorite song of mine by one of my favorite bands, Highasakite from Norway. It was difficult to choose only one! I’ve done a cover version of another song by them ‘Since Last Wednesday’. I have to admit ‘Lover Where Do You Live’ has the most wonderful melodies and harmonies. It’s so moving.”

As Emmelie knows a thing or two about a good Eurovision song as well, we asked her about her favourite track from the contest since her participation in 2013. As a bonus, she picked two: this year’s winner from Portugal, Salvador Sobral’s ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ and last year’s runner-up from Australia, Dami Im’s ‘Sound Of Silence’.

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