Single Review: Justin Timberlake – Filthy

justin timberlake filthy

Justin Timberlake returns with new single ‘Filthy’
Justin Timberlake fans had to wait for this moment quite a while, but their idol is finally back! He released two parts of The 20/20 Experience back in 2013 and then had a huge hit with Trolls soundtrack ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ in 2016, but that is about the last we heard from him. Timberlake has got big plans for 2018 though! His fifth album Man of the Woods will be released on the 2nd of February, just days before his second appearance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Before that, he is said to drop four new videos and singles and the first one is here… This is ‘Filthy’!

Well, let me begin by saying that ‘Filthy’ is quite a lot to take in on first listen. The production by Timbaland and Danja is bonkers and actually sounds like something the Neptunes could have come up with. The changes in pace do need some time to get used to as the rocking ‘if you know what’s good’-parts do not really seem to fit the dirty, deep beat that runs through the rest of the track. The main part actually is not that far off from the vibe that ‘SexyBack’ had. Unfortunately though, the melodies aren’t as strong this time around. Lyrically you would expect Timberlake to do a bit more than a hook that consists of the line ‘haters gon’ say it’s fake’.

The most confusing part of it all is that this single does not at all match the message he sent out earlier this week as an introduction to the new era. I don’t see how this is him going back to where he is from, being inspired by his wife and family, but maybe I’m missing something!? The answer might be in the video however. Timberlake, looking like Steve Jobs, presents a robot to the audience during some kind of tech conference. The robot does a choreography with female dancers while the real Timberlake dissolves at the end. Seeing as there are going to be more videos before the album drops, the next one might be about the new start where he goes back to his roots. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

‘Filthy’ is the type of track that is interesting enough to need a few listens to fully sink in, but as a major comeback single it is slightly underwhelming. We will get a whole lot more of Justin this month so we ain’t giving up on this Man of the Woods business just yet!

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