Single Review: Troye Sivan – My My My!

Troye Sivan My My My

Troye Sivan kicks off sophomore album campaign with ‘My My My’
Just over two years ago Troye Sivan dropped his impressive debut album Blue Neighbourhood. The South African-born Australian artist made a huge online impression with the videos supporting the album and single ‘Youth’ became an international hit. Last year he appeared on Martin Garrix single ‘There For You’, further cementing his status as an international pop star. Now he is back to do it all on his own again. Sivan is ready to kick off the campaign for his sophomore album and ‘My My My!’ is the first single!

Who would have thought Troye would grace us with this sexy jam and video!? ‘My My My!’ is a steamy synth pop affair with some influences from the 80s, but at the same time a properly contemporary production. His voice sounds deeper and more sensual than ever before while the lyrics are certainly more sexually suggestive than the work on his debut album. Where most tracks on Blue Neighbourhood┬ábalanced somewhere in mid-tempo territory, ‘My My My!’ is an unapologetic bop and a half! That chorus is to die for and every single ‘my my my!’ is a moment!

Troye immediately dropped the video as well and it follows the more sexual narrative of the track. We see him strut and dance around in black and white, looking fabulous. At one point he is in a sweaty dark room dancing with half naked men watching him. Little boys grow up! Troye Sivan is a man now. A man with a huge hit on his hands if there is any pop justice left in the world!

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