Single Review: Justin Timberlake – Supplies

justin timberlake man of the woods

Justin Timberlake continues promotion for new album with ‘Supplies’
Justin Timberlake started the new year with his big comeback. He announced his upcoming album Man of the Woods (out on the 2nd of February) in a mysterious video and two weeks ago lead single ‘Filthy’ was launched. As the introduction video was talking about going back to his roots, people were surprised by the deep beats of the unusual single. After getting a mixed bunch of reactions, Timberlake is ready for the next step. ‘Supplies’ is out today and it is the second out of four tracks and videos that will be released before the album drops!

First of all, if anyone out there is still waiting for country JT, you might have to hold your breath a little longer, because ‘Supplies’ is a beat heavy mix of hiphop, pop and R&B. The track was produced by Timberlake himself in collaboration with The Neptunes. In terms of melody, this sure is a big step up from ‘Filthy’. The dragging of the title in the chorus is very catchy, but it is the middle-eight that steals the show here. The pace changes slighty, a more organic production takes over and Timberlake’s vocals sound more natural here. I am not entirely sure if this works as a single in terms of airplay, but it is an interesting track, that should excite a few more people to actually check out Man of the Woods.

The video, starring Eliza González, starts out with Justin watching the world burn on multiple tv screens. What follows is a bizarre scene with people and alligators painted in white (wait what, albino alligators!?). ‘Supplies’ is an action packed video with a car chase, a choreography with flashlights, some sort of riot, a post-apocalyptic world and some sci-fi elements. If someone knows the exact meaning behind this all, please stand up!

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