Introducing: Rhys – Maybe I Will Learn

rhys maybe I will learn

Rhys launches soul ballad ‘Maybe I Will Learn’ as next single
Rhys was one of the break out stars of 2017 in Sweden. The promising pop star first grew up in Portland in the USA, but moved to Sweden with her family back when she was 10. The now 20-year-old first rose to fame back in 2016 when she launched her debut single ‘Swallow Your Pride’. The single marked the start of a collaboration with hit writer Jörgen Elofssen, who also wrote for Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson. She showed she could easily do uptempo convincingly as well with singles ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Too Good To Be True’, but today she released what might be her strongest song yet; ‘Maybe I Will Learn’.

Rhys wrote ‘Maybe I Will Learn’ together with Elofssen and it is a personal, heartfelt and fragile track. After a few uptempo singles she returns with a very much stripped back soulful ballad in which she begs from an (ex-)lover to not give her any hope. “Strip another piece of me, take away my dignity, never show me sympathy, then maybe I will learn”, she belts out. This song hits you right in the guts the very first time you hear it and it is not only because the feelings are so accurately worded, but even more so because of Rhys’ incredible emotive vocal delivery. You believe every single word she says. The soul in her voice sure is beyond her year and I for one am very, very excited to hear what is next for her!

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