Single Review: Delta Goodrem – Think About You

delta goodrem think about you

Delta Goodrem sounds like she never did before on ‘Think About You
Delta Goodrem is back, but I admit it, I had to look (and listen) twice to recognize her too! The Australian pop star switched back to dark hair and launched her new single ‘Think About You’ with a video of her doing a seductive photoshoot. This all goes perfectly with her new more electronic sound and naughty lyrical content. This is the new Delta everyone!

‘Think About You’ is her first single since she released her fifth studio album Wings of the Wild back in 2016. She experimented with some more beat based uptempo pop on singles like ‘Wings’, but nothing quite as electronic as this new track before. I have got to hand it to her; this style fits her vocals so well. Delta is not one to tone down her pipes with autotune. No, instead she belts out over the last chorus like she is 90s Mariah herself, hitting all the high notes. It is a nice contrast with the more sensual and laidback main vocal production on the track. Her lyrics are naughtier than ever before; the whole track is basically about her wanting to see someone naked. Needless to say this all makes for a great pop tune that will have everyone around Australia talking about her again!

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