Single Review: Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel / Django Jane

Janelle Monáe plans big comeback with two singles and album

We had to wait a good while for new Janelle Monáe, but the inventive artist is finally back. Monáe released her most recent album The Electric Lady back in 2013 and her most recent solo work was single ‘Yoga’ from 2015. Ever since she has been focusing on her acting career with roles in critically acclaimed movies Moonlight and Hidden Figures. She did not forget about music though as she is back with two new singles; ‘Make Me Feel’ and ‘Django Jane’. Both tracks are taken from album Dirty Computer, out on the 27th of April.

It becomes immediately clear that Monáe wants to show off the diversity on her upcoming album, as both tracks present completely different sounds. ‘Make Me Feel’ gets the main push, which makes sense as it is the more radiofriendly of the two. It is a catchy soul tune with a simple and straightforward production which is elevated by a funky guitar rif halfway through. The track echoes the eclectic style of Prince, which is not surprising as he is one of Janelle’s heroes.

‘Django Jane’ is more of a hiphop anthem that is all about the sharp activist lyrics. Monáe talks about feminism and being a black woman in today’s society in clever wordplay and a powerful delivery. Janelle Monáe is back like she never even left!

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