Song of the Day: Jerusa & Jan Kooijman – Maybe We Still Got Time

Jerusa jan kooijman

Jerusa sings with Jan Kooijman on new single
For everyone who has ever seen one of Amsterdam based singer-songwriter Jerusa’s live shows, it doesn’t come as a suprise that she wrote a beautiful song called ‘Maybe We Still Got Time’. Although she already performed the song back in 2015, she never really released it properly, until today, which is also her birthday! The acoustic track was always one of the highlights when she performed and now she shares a studio version with the world, which she doesn’t perform on her own, but as a duet with some of her closest musician friends, including dancer and singer Jan Kooijman.

The studio version of the tune Jerusa co-wrote with Ryan Horne starts out with just her voice over piano. She sounds as angelic as ever when she belts out the chorus with a major sing-along potential. She recorded this in the Castle Recording Studios late last year joined by some long time collaborators, including singer-songwriter Michael Logen on piano and they managed to stay close to the acoustic live version she has been performing for years now. The track works perfectly as a duet as well and the voices melt together beautifully. It sure is good to finally have this moving little song on Spotify!

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