Single Review: Kylie Minogue – Stop Me From Falling

kylie stop me from falling

Kylie Minogue follows up ‘Dancing’ with ‘Stop Me From Falling’
Kylie Minogue made her glorious return to pop at the start of the year when she released the subtly by country inspired pop tune ‘Dancing’. It was the first track taken from her upcoming album Golden, which will be released in April. Kylie might not exactly hit the top of the charts with every track she drops anymore, but with ‘Dancing’ she showed us she can still deliver a tune and a half. BBC Radio 2 just had the honour of premiering the follow up, titled ‘Stop Me From Falling’!

With her new album Golden, Kylie is going into a country inspired direction, but as ‘Dancing’ already proved, there is nothing to fear for us proper pop fans. A Kylie record wouldn’t really be a Kylie record without some swinging dance beats in them, now would it!? ‘Stop Me From Falling’ follows a similar pattern to its predecessor with acoustic guitar getting company from some dance beats over the chorus and Kylie hits some seriously high notes when she belts out the words ‘for you’. The pre-chorus is a big sing-along handclap affair and as one would expect from Kylie, it’s all super catchy. Ladies and gents, we are happy to report that Kylie has still got it!

Update: Kylie released a new version of the song with Gente De Zona. The latin mix of the track works surprisingly well and Kylie shines in the sunny video. The choreography scenes are on point and it all looks like a lot of fun! Smart move to make this into a possible summer hit!

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