Single Review: David Guetta & Sia – Flames

david guetta sia flames

David Guetta and Sia release another collaboration
David Guetta and Sia can’t get enough of each other. The French DJ and producer and the Australian pop star keep on collaborating on new singles. It all started when Sia recorded the demo for dance tune ‘Titanium’ she wrote. Although Sia was never intended to be the one to perform it, Guetta decided to release her version. This marked an important step in Sia’s path to become a mainstream pop idol. ‘Titanium’ became a humongous world wide hit and the duo released the similar track ‘She Wolf’ soon after. After 2015 single ‘Bang My Head’, the duo is now back with brand new single ‘Flames’.

‘Flames’ is by far the most laidback and pop focused single Sia and Guetta recorded together so far. No fat dance beats or instrumental breakdowns as choruses here, but a proper pop song structure. It moves away from the sound all DJ and singer collaborations seemed to have a few years ago. Calvin Harris did this earlier with a more funky direction, but it is clear that Guetta and Sia prefer a straight up pop direction. The chorus is undeniable and Sia belts her heart out with some subtle cracks in her vocals which only she can make sound cool. This is their most hit worthy effort in a long while! Definitely not as epic or game changing as ‘Titanium’, but addictive in its simplicity and catchiness.

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