Single Review: Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In

snow patrol don't give in

Snow Patrol returns after more than six years with new single
It is official; Snow Patrol is back! The band with roots in Northern Ireland and Scotland had hit after hit around Europe in between 2006 and 2011, including tracks like ‘Chasing Cars’, ‘Just Say Yes’ and ‘Called Out In The Dark’. Their most recent album, Fallen Empires, was released over six years ago. In the meantime, frontman Gary Lightbody had to battle a writers block which he did overcome as their new album Wildness is out on the 25th of May! First single ‘Don’t Give In’ is out now!

Before their hiatus, Snow Patrol slowly but steadily went into a more electronic direction where synths partly took over from the guitars. In that sense, ‘Don’t Give In’ is Snow Patrol going back to basics. Guitars, drums and of course Gary’s distinctive vocals take centre stage. The proper rock band sound is combined with a radiofriendly pop chorus with an uplifting message. ‘Don’t Give In’ is aimed at all those who are struggling and might think about giving up, but then there is Gary Lightbody encouraging you to keep going. What an emotive and powerful delivery! It is almost impossible to say no to him pleading in that gorgeous, slightly raspy voice. Excellent comeback lads!

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