Single Review: Shawn Mendes – In My Blood / Lost In Japan

shawn mendes in my blood

Shawn Mendes aims for raw sound on new singles
Shawn Mendes is arguably the biggest male break out pop star of the past few years. The Canadian singer and songwriter had his big break internationally with ‘Stitches’ back in 2015 and a string of hits including ‘Mercy’, ‘Treat You Better’ and ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ followed soon. With two albums to his name, Mendes took a short break from the public eye to work on his upcoming third record. Earlier this week he dropped the first taste. After the release of first single ‘In My Blood’ he soon shared the track ‘Lost In Japan’ too.

The release of a double single has become more popular in the pop scene recently, but usually the songs drop at the same time. Mendes decided to launch two tracks of his new project just days after each other. It seems that both tunes represent a different side to his upcoming third album and he wanted to give them both a moment to shine. First single ‘In My Blood’ is the result of Mendes pursuing a more raw rock inspired sound. In interviews to promote the new release he cites Kings of Leon as an inspiration. Compared to his older work, it is not a huge departure, but definitely a step up and natural progression. The ballad about overcoming anxiety starts out quietly and builds to a big chorus that is driven by electric guitars and Mendes belting out, showing off the rawer edges of his voice. Radio is going to eat that chorus up!

‘Lost In Japan’ caters to the needs of his pure pop loving fans. It is a funky little uptempo tune with an infectious hook and a very contemporary production. Mendes sings about how he wants to get on a plane to visit the hotel room of his lover while he is on the other side of the world. So romantic, so sensual. If people were still questioning, Shawn Mendes makes clear with his new singles that he is here to stay.

Update: Shawn premiered the simple but oh so effective video for ‘In My Blood’.

Update 2: Shawn released a Zedd remix of ‘Lost In Japan’. Not that the track really needed one, because the original swings enough, but this mix sounds like a hit too!

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