Single Review: Kylie Minogue – Raining Glitter

kylie minogue raining glitter

Kylie Minogue drops third single week before album
We only have to wait one more week until we finally have Kylie Minogue’s album Golden in our lives, but Kylie, the generous queen she is, gave us a little something to make the wait more bearable. After the excellent singles ‘Dancing’ and ‘Stop Me From Falling’, she just dropped third track ‘Raining Glitter’. This one actually might bring the fans who haven’t enjoyed the era as much this far, back on board.

Can we all just agree that ‘Raining Glitter’ must be her campiest song title so far!? And for Kylie’s career, that is sure saying something! ‘Raining Glitter’ follows a similar pattern to its two predecessors with a country inspired guitar going on in the verses, while the pop-dance elements take over in the chorus. The new track leans a bit more on the latter, with even some disco influences going on. The chorus actually could have been taken straight from her iconic Light Years album. She brings back the 90s while still maintaining the same aesthetic that has running through the Golden era. Next week’s Friday can’t come soon enough!

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