Single Review: Lady Gaga – Your Song

lady gaga your song

Lady Gaga covers Elton John for upcoming compilation
It is no secret that Lady Gaga and Elton John are good friends. The two have collaborated before, most notably during the Grammy Awards back in 2010, where they performed a medley of her track ‘Speechless’ and one of his most iconic compositions ‘Your Song’. Although hearing new Lady Gaga music is always exciting, the prospect of her version of ‘Your Song’ was about the least exciting thing she could give us. With all due respect, this song has been seriously overdone with Ellie Goulding’s take on it being a big hit not that long ago and countless talent show competitors performing it. But as part of the upcoming compilation album Revamp: Reimagining the Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin, on which more big names will do their take on a Elton John classic, here it is anyway!

Gaga released her most recent album Joanne at the end of 2016, but she continued being in the public eye ever since. Last year she dropped the one off single ‘The Cure’ and documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two appeared on Netflix. She went on a Joanne world tour, of which she sadly had to cancel the last part due to her medical condition. For the fans, her version of ‘Your Song’ is up on streaming services now. And what about it? It is exactly what you’d predict it to be. They didn’t change up the instrumentation or style too much and Gaga certainly brings it vocally. She sometimes pushes it with a taste for dramatic big notes, but she mostly keeps it subdued here, with only some belting towards the end. A tasteful, yet superfluous cover.

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  1. The original came out when I was 13. I have always liked it – by Elton John. Lady Gaga’s version reminds me of a grandmother getting up to sing a “hip” song at a wedding, embarrassing her children and grandchildren.

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