Single Review: Thirty Seconds To Mars & Halsey – Love Is Madness

Thirty Seconds To Mars duets with Halsey on new album

Fans of Thirty Seconds To Mars had to wait for ages, but the band finally has a new album out. It is their first LP since the release of Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams back in 2013. The new record is titled America and Jared Leto and his band definitely took on a new sound for this one. They even recorded a duet with American pop star Halsey; ‘Love Is Madness’.

Although the combination of Thirty Seconds To Mars’s stadium rock and Halsey’s emotive electro pop sounded surprising on paper, it all makes sense after hearing ‘Love Is Madness’. Their sounds come together beautifully in a bombastic and powerful electro pop track about an intense love affair that you know might not be good for you. Jared Leto’s rawer vocal style blends well with Halsey’s, who shows off some edges here too. This is one of those equal duets that deserves a spot on both artists’ albums. Sometimes the most unlikely combination of artists, deliver surprisingly strong and fitting duets!

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