Eurovision 2018 Review: Austria – César Sampson – Nobody But You

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Austria takes us to church with gospel inspired anthem
Austria has got something to prove after last year’s result show. Nathan Trent managed to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with his ‘Running On Air’, but it was clear the juries were way more into his performance than the people at home. He finished dead last in televoting with 0 points, ending up on the 16th spot overall. The Austrian broadcaster is determined to do better this year. To do so, they selected César Sampson with the track ‘Nobody But You’.

The song was written by the team of Bulgarian composer Borislav Milanov, who also penned the Bulgarian entry in 2018, 2017 and 2016. Sampson himself is no stranger to the Eurovision stage either. He performed as a backing vocalist for Bulgaria both in 2016 and 2017. Now it is time to take centre stage! ‘Nobody But You’ is a powerful love song that suits his soulful vocals perfectly. This style would have been a little more on trend a few years ago when artists like Emeli Sandé were ruling the charts. The melody reminds me of Marlon Roudette’s ‘New Age’ which at least means it is seriously catchy. The gospel like choir that joins Sampson adds to the power of the tune and could really bring the track to live on stage, although he will only be allowed to have five other singers with him.

Austria will have to compete in the challenging first semi final this year, but according to bookmakers César Sampson is going to make it into the final. His first live performances have proven that he carries the tune well and he is charming to look at, which might gain him some extra votes. ‘Nobody But You’ is strong and unique enough in this year’s contest for a decent result on Saturday night!

Review of Semi Final Performance:
Austria sent César Sampson performing his gospel inspired love song ‘Nobody But You’. It is a hit worthy tune that could have been part of a Sam Smith or John Legend album and César is an excellent vocalist. Stage show wise however, I expected more from Austria this year. Sampson starts out on an elevated platform that slowly comes down and then he just walks around a little bit. The choir that backs him is hidden on stage while it is quite prominent in the song. A missed opportunity for some interaction between César and his backing vocalists if you ask me. Based on the song and vocals, he more than earned his place in the final though!

Review of Final Performance:
Austria was easily the biggest surprise of the Eurovision final. Bookmakers hardly gave him a spot in the top 20, but he proved them wrong and then some! César gave another vocally perfect performance of his soulful pop track with gospel influences. I still think his backing vocals should have been visible as they are so prominent in the song, but even with this stage show, he managed to win the jury vote. Interestingly enough, the televoters at home only placed him on the 13th spot, which gave him the 3rd position overall. César Sampson can be proud and I think ‘Nobody But You’ does have potential to become a hit on radio in the coming weeks!


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  1. It not only reminds me of “New Age”, the beginning of the chorus are almost exactly the same. To me, they are too much alike, and it is a shame!

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