Single Review: Zayn – Let Me


Zayn returns with follow up to ‘Dusk Till Dawn’
After Zayn released his debut album Mind of Mine early in 2016, he was quick to follow up with the next single ‘Still Got Time’ early 2017. The release passed by mostly unnoticed by radio stations and charts, but with Sia duet ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ he managed to have one of the biggest hits of his solo career so far. Now it is finally time for the next single! Zayn just dropped ‘Let Me’ on streaming services, together with the video on YouTube. And it takes off just where ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ had left us.

Sonically, ‘Let Me’ is not as in your face as ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ was. The song packs a bit more subtlety, with a breezy vibe and a laidback rhythm. Zayn shows off his smooth and sultry vocals in the verses, only to show off the higher register in the chorus. It is a sweet and sensual love song; nothing groundbreaking we haven’t heard before, but definitely a radiofriendly tune that shows off his vocal range. And what about the video? The story of ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ goes on with Zayn doing more suitcase deals for his shady boss. Together with his girlfriend he fights off some gang members and the boss. Badass and hilarious at the same time!

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