Single Review: Ina Wroldsen – Sea

ina wroldsen sea

Ina Wroldsen dives into Norwegian Folklore for new single ‘Sea’
Ina Wroldsen has been active in the pop industry for years as part of duo Ask Embla and as songwriter for other artists, including international stars like Shakira and Britney Spears. More recently she started to impress us with solo singles such as ‘Lay It On Me’ and ‘Stronger’. She is the voice of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by Calvin Harris and ‘Breathe’ by Jax Jones. The Norwegian multi talent was selected as one of A Bit of Pop Music’s most promising artists for 2018 as we expect big things from her solo career too and she started to deliver! Wroldsen will release a new EP in June and the first single ‘Sea’ is out now!

The EP is titled HEX, which is the Norwegian word for ‘witch’ and she explained to Clash Music how she will dive into Norwegian folklore and family history on the new tracks. Wroldsen will focus on the ‘darker elements’ starting with ‘Sea’ and its video, which are inspired by the tale of The Nokken, a water monster. ‘Sea’ is an understated lightly electronic pop track with a magical atmosphere. There is something ominous about the way Ina sings how her people, the people of the sea, can never stray away too far from the water. We already knew that Ina Wroldsen mastered the art of creating killer hooks, but she proves she is just as capable of setting a captivating mood to tell a story. ‘Sea’ might be the most beautiful thing she has put her name to so far. Consider me intrigued to hear the rest of HEX!

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