Single Review: AURORA – Queendom

aurora queendom

AURORA sets the mood for upcoming second album with new track ‘Queendom’
Norwegian pop starlet AURORA is officially back! The singer and songwriter released her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend back in 2016 with excellent singles like ‘Runaway’, ‘I Went Too Far’ and ‘Running With The Wolves’. After touring all over Europe, AURORA returned to the studio to work on new material. Last week she announced her return and first single of her yet to be titled second album, ‘Queendom’, is out now.

Interestingly enough, ‘Queendom’ is one of the previously unreleased tracks that AURORA has been performing live for quite a while. That is an unusual choice for first single. Sonically it is a natural progression to the sound of her debut, be it slightly more experimental when it comes to the use of electronica. The production truly elevates the track with a slick build up. Her soaring vocals just before the chorus drops are absolutely gorgeous and properly draw you in. The chorus itself is basically the repitition of one sentence, which AURORA has showed she can pull of without it becoming one dimensional before. ‘Queendom’ did a better job at creating a dreamy atmosphere than really delivering a radiofriendly hook, but as an introduction to a new era, it is an exciting first step!

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