EP Review: Naaz – Bits of Naaz

naaz bits of naaz

Naaz lives up to expectations on debut EP
Dutch upcoming artist Naaz is the poster child of a new generation. This DIY pop star shows that you do not need to work with big producers in fancy recording studios to make it. The singer and songwriter started to get noticed when her single ‘Words’ was released. Dutch radio stations added the cute little bop to their playlists and with the video, Naaz showed that she has a clear vision for herself as a pop star. Follow up releases ‘Up To Something’ and ‘Loving Love’ made clear that this girl is no one hit wonder. Naaz now lives up to the expectation of being one of the break out stars of 2018 with her debut EP, which is appropriately titled Bits of Naaz.

Although Naaz is backed by a major record label, she has a lot of creative freedom when recording. Most of her music was actually created in her bedroom. Both singles ‘Up To Something’ and ‘Loving Love’ excel in simplicity with straightforward hooks and effective productions. At the age of 19 she has already carved out a sound that is typically her; her soft almost whispering vocals over uplifting, bubbly instrumentations. Another signature element in her music is that her songs hardly ever reach the 3 minute mark. Because why would you take longer if you can say what you want within 2 and a half minutes!?

Four of the eight tracks were already released as singles before the EP, but the four new tracks certainly do not disappoint. On ‘Pretty’, Naaz proclaims she is ‘her own kind of pretty’, telling the kids off that used to bully her for her appearance. ‘Mess Me Up’ is another powerful anthem from the point of view of a teenager who discovers being independent and following her own path without caring too much about what others think of her. ‘Someday’ is the perfect way to open the EP with an irresistibly catchy chorus and innocent charm. ‘As Fun’ is pushed as the next single and is probably the most radiofriendly of the bunch with warm vocals, a soaring chorus and the playful vibe that made us fall in love with her in the first place. Naaz sure is ‘up to something’ and I am convinced her streaming numbers and followers will only grow from here!

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