Single Review: Stromae – Défiler

Stromae is back! Can you believe it is already five years ago that he released his incredibly successful album Racine Carree!? After songs like ‘Formidable’ and ‘Papaoutai’ became huge hits around Europe, the Belgian pop artist announced that he would take an indefinite break from making music. Earlier this year he started to tease new music so his fans could finally celebrate the fact he didn’t retire completely. After five years we finally get a new track, titled ‘Défiler’, and it is 9 minutes long!

When Stromae is not making music, he is devoting a lot of his time to his clothing label Mosaert, which he runs together with his wife. ‘Défiler’ was recorded as part of the promotion of their new line of fashion products, capsule n 5. The music video was recorded during a runway event on the 6th of April.

The 9 minute long piece of electronic music, on which he worked with his brother, travels past multiple pace changes, stripped back verses with Stromae’s distinctive delivery and intense beats towards the climax. Lyrically Stromae goes as deep as he always does. He discusses our walk of life in the modern day and age and the way we prepare our children for their lives in society. Stromae obviously did not aim for a radio hit with this track, but in the age of online music consumption, this will easily be a streaming hit, especially because a lot of people in Europe seem to be hungry for new material by him. ‘Défiler’ proves this man has so much more in store for us. Please don’t retire Stromae, we need you!

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