Single Review: Troye Sivan – Bloom

Troye Sivan continues album promotion with single ‘Bloom’
Troye Sivan started the year with a bang when he dropped his single ‘My My My!’. It was the first track taken from his upcoming second album, following up 2015’s Blue Neighbourhood. The promotional machine was in full swing with multiple television appearances, including Saturday Night Live, for which he released and performed the track ‘The Good Side’ as well. He seemed to be on track for a spring album release, but things got rather quiet after this. Now he finally picks up where he left off with the brand new single ‘Bloom’.

Not surprisingly, Troye brings us another electro bop, be it a bit more subtle and laidback than the pop thunder of ‘My My My!’. The production is dominated by drums that give the track an early 90s synth pop feel. The chorus is insanely catchy and after a couple of listens, the repetitiveness is not getting on the (or at least my) nerves yet. The post-chorus however, could have done with a bit more of an amped-up instrumentation, to truly make it into a moment. Lyrically ‘Bloom’ seems to be about the moment you give yourself to someone sexually for the very first time. It is a cute, slightly naughty little bop with a relaxed vibe and a strong hook. Not his strongest yet, but definitely a worthy addition to his already impressive discography!

Update: Troye Sivan released the brave, colourful and gender bending video for the track! He serves looks all the way through and his make up brings back the 80s while Boy George and Leigh Bowery come to mind as a likely inspiration. Troye is going all out with the visuals for this era and I applaud his unapologetic expression of gender and sexuality. The world is ready for a pop star like him!

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