Eurovision 2018 Review: Germany – Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone

michael schulte

Is Germany finally on the right track with emotive piano ballad?
Germany has got something to prove in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. They simply have been doing terribly lately. Out of their last three participations, they finished last twice and last year they  took position 25 out of 26. Needless to say the Germans desperately need some success. They selected Michael Schulte to do the job with his song ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’. Is he going to lift Germany’s recent Eurovision curse?

It seems the Germans at least learned from their middle of the road radio pop mistakes. This year they send a touching piano ballad about the loss of a close one and holding on to the memories that will stay. Schulte dedicated the song to his deceased father, but of course this is a universal topic that might strike a chord with people all around Europe. Schulte is a decent vocalist and manages to convey the emotion of the song well enough eventhough he sometimes sounds shaky. The song sounds like a mixture of the styles of The Script and Ed Sheeran, which should go down well with a lot of televoters. I am not convinced he will sail straight into top 10, but this song has more character than Germany’s last two entries combined so another spot in the bottom would definitely not be deserved if you ask me.

Review of Final Performance:
Germany showed us all tonight how to create an effective stage performance for an emotive song. Michael Schulte sang the track ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ for his father who passed away. On the screen behind him we see the lyrics in combination with family pictures to underline the message that must have hit home with a lot of people. Vocally he wasn’t flawless, but the fragility in his performance added another emotional layer. After years in the bottom, Germany is back in the game with a 4th spot and Michael Schulte absolutely deserved it with this soul baring performance!


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