Eurovision 2018 Review: Moldova – DoReDoS – My Lucky Day


Moldova is Eurovision’s dark horse again
Moldova reached its best result at the Eurovision Song Contest last year when Sunstroke Project represented the country with the song ‘Hey Mamma’. The song finished in a surprising 3rd place without being one of the favourites beforehand. Their irresistibly catchy tune mostly impressed the televoters and it seems the Moldovan delegation is going for a similar method this year with DoReDoS and their song ‘My Lucky Day’, written by Russian singer and composer Philipp Kirkorov.

The trio consisting of Marina, Sergiu and Eugeniu bring an upbeat mix of pop, folk and dance to the Eurovision stage with an insanely catchy hook. Sure, the lyrics are questionable, but it’s not like ‘Hey Mamma’ was poetry at its finest. The chorus settles in your mind easily and if that was not enough they end with a little ‘la di di dam da da’ chanting to make sure this song will stay in your head for the rest of eternity.

When the rehearsals for the second semi final started, Moldova started to climb in the betting odds who predict they will easily make it into the final. Apparently they managed to translate the enthusiasm in the song to a contagious staging! I don’t think they will reach top 3 like last year, as the song is not as hit worthy or contemporary as ‘Hey Mamma’, but a spot in top 10 on Saturday night seems within the possibilities for Moldova.

Review of Semi Final Performance:
The Moldovan entry was not mentioned as a favourite in this year’s contest much, until the rehearsals in Lisbon started. DoReDoS and their team came up with a smart way to present their song on stage. There is a lot of action going on with doors, doppelgängers and it almost feels like watching a slapstick performance… in a good way though! The acting and dancing does not affect their vocals at all. Easily one of the most memorable performances of the night. The song ‘My Lucky Day’ does not really stand out without the stage show, but it is a cute little folk pop tune with some seriously infectious hooks. After last year’s surprising spot in the top 3, Moldova is on track for another great result!

Review of Final Performance:
Moldova might not be remembered for their song in this year’s contest, but their staging surely was one of the best. The slapstick comedy effect with the opening doors is contagious and simply a lot of fun to look at. Vocally trio DoReDoS does not stumble while doing the choreography and it all elevates their folk pop tune ‘My Lucky Day’ on stage. Both juries and televoters appreciated the performance which resulted in Moldova ending up in 10th place!


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