Single Review: Blanche – Wrong Turn

Blanche returns with first release after Eurovision success
2017 was a big year for Blanche. The young Belgian singer represented her country in Eurovision with the modern electro pop song ‘City Lights’ and finished 4th in the big final. ‘City Lights’ became one of the biggest post contest hits, both in her own country and in the rest of Europe. That did not put any pressure on her to deliver a follow up single as soon as possible though. Now, a year later, she is finally back with the brand new single ‘Wrong Turn’.

With ‘Wrong Turn’, Blanche continues with the contemporary electronic pop sound, although the pace is clearly slower this time around. It sure is not as instant as ‘City Lights’, but it does have a beautiful, dreamy chorus that does settle in your mind after a few spins. Blanche has a distinctive type of voice that works perfectly for the dreamy and hypnotic synth pop she releases. The production on ‘Wrong Turn’ has a big build up and a satisfying climax in the last chorus. Listening to both Blanche’s singles after another, you realize she already seems to have found her sound, one that is completely in sync with what her voice can do. This does prove two things. A. She ain’t no one day fly! B. She has a bright future!

Update: Blanche launched the stylish video for ‘Wrong Turn’, which seems loosely inspired by Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’. We all know that video is great one to take inspiration from!

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