Single Review: Zayn – Entertainer

Zayn launches fourth single since debut album
Zayn is keeping his fans waiting for his anticipated second album. The singer dropped Mind of Mine in the first half of 2016 and started a new campaign in the year after with single ‘Still Got Time’. Sia collaboration ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ marked his return to the top of the charts and last month he followed it up with single ‘Let Me’. Although we still don’t have any news on the album, he launched another new single; it’s called ‘Entertainer’.

‘Entertainer’ seems to be created in the same sonic world as its predecessor with a laidback vibe and an understated production and vocal work. The chorus does not stand out on first listen, but it seems to shine brighter every single time it comes around. The subtle mix of pop and R&B certainly matches Zayn’s sultry vocals and nonchalant persona. Lyrically, he sure has got some fire in him this time around. ‘Entertainer’ seems to be about a love interest that let him down and he is about to do the exact same back to her: ‘When you need me the most I will turn you down.’

The hooks are certainly there in Zayn’s latest work, but because of the laidback, more mellow productions, they are not as in your face as the majority of tracks on the radio these days. In terms of chart success this might be a problem, but I personally am enjoying this side of Zayn!

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