Single Review: All Saints – Love Lasts Forever

All Saints announces another album and launches first single
All Saints are back yet again! The girl band had an extremely successful period at the end of the 90s when their singles ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Pure Shores’ became huge hits. Their success was short lived as the ladies parted ways soon after, but ever since they cannot stay away from each other for too long. In 2006 they made their first comeback with single ‘Rocksteady’ and the album Studio 1. In 2016 they returned with the delicious pop tune ‘One Strike‘ from the album Red Flag. There wasn’t much hype back then although they received raving reviews, but that did not stop them from making another album! Testament will come out on July 13th and first single ‘Love Lasts Forever’ is out now.

The All Saints ladies sure ain’t playing around when it comes to their comebacks. ‘Love Lasts Forever’, written by band member Shaznay Lewis and producer K-Gee, is another excellent pop track with a major hook and a flawless chorus to go with it. The production sounds contemporary enough and the swinging handclaps add to the uplifting vibe. Shaznay explained in an interview on BBC Radio 2 how she wrote the song for her son who was about to start high school. It is worded in a universal manner however, so no worries if you cannot (yet) relate to that sentiment. I at first interpreted it as having the patience to wait until your love interest is ready for the next step, because ‘love lasts forever’. It might not be the track that will bring them back to the top of the charts (but realistically what will?), but it is an absolute treat to their long term fans. I take my hat off for them as they prove they still have what it takes 20 years later!

Update: The ladies launched the heartwarming video for ‘Love Lasts Forever’.

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