Single Review: Lucie Silvas – Kite

Lucie Silvas E.G.O.

Lucie Silvas announces E.G.O. and launches ‘Kite’
Lucie Silvas is almost ready to drop her brand new album E.G.O.. The British singer-songwriter had a couple of major hits in Europe over 10 years ago, but made a major switch in her career when she moved to Nashville. Her most recent album, Letters To Ghosts, was released in 2015 and consisted of the material she recorded there over the years. Silvas kept working on new music and in an interview with A Bit of Pop Music she explained how the new record sounds even more progressed and lyrically more observational. E.G.O. will be released on the 13th of July and first single ‘Kite’ is out now!

“I wanted to capture a woman’s inability to be held down,” Silvas explained in an interview with Billboard about the meaning behind ‘Kite’. “That even without any real sense of direction of where she is going, she wants to be free to just go wherever the wind takes her.” It seems that this describes Silvas herself in the process of creating E.G.O. too. The album promises to be a bold mix of style and influences.

Opening track and first single ‘Kite’ is an in your face country pop rock affair with a swinging arrangement and big vocals. The chorus gains power every time it comes around and leaves a lasting impression in its last run, where Silvas gives it her all, belting away over the prominent guitars and drums. I think all of us secretly want to be able to sing those ‘fly awaaaay’ bits like Lucie does. The 13th of July can’t come soon enough!

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