Single Review: Molly Hammar – Blossom


Molly Hammar follows her R&B dreams on new single
Molly Hammar is ready for a fresh start in her career. The Swedish artist dropped the ‘Pettersson’ part from her stage name and developed a new sound, that we will get to hear on her upcoming EP SEX. Molly first rose to fame when she participated in the Swedish version of Pop Idol and she expanded her fan base with two Melodifestivalen participations. With four excellent soulful pop singles under her belt, she is now ready to follow her dreams of recording the R&B she loves most. New single ‘Blossom’ is the first result!

‘Blossom’ is a full-blown sex anthem and Molly is completely unapologetic about that! “Many women are singing about sex, but almost every time it’s to please the male gaze. Very few are willing to go all the way. I wanted to sing about sex in a completely uninhibited way”, she explains. ‘Blossom’ is a sensual track with a subtle piano based chorus on which Molly shows off the gorgeous higher register of her powerful vocals. This sultry R&B sound fits her voice like a glove! The production was done by Molly in collaboration with Lucas Nord and Nils “Melo” Tull, with whom she created the rest of the SEX EP, out on the 15th of June!


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