Single Review: Christina Aguilera – Like I Do (feat. GoldLink)

Christina Aguilera drops last promo single before album
Christina Aguilera has been throwing songs at us from the moment she finally announced her comeback. Her first album since 2012, Liberation, will be released next week and after singles ‘Accelerate‘, ‘Twice‘ and duet with Demi Lovato ‘Fall In Line’, she drops last promo single ‘Like I Do’, featuring GoldLink now. The track is sonically most in line with lead single ‘Accelerate’. ‘Like I Do’ starts out with a lengthy rap by GoldLink in which some of her biggest hits (‘Ain’t No Other Man’ and ‘Genie In A Bottle’) are referenced. Aguilera herself provides the vocal hooks, using the line ‘Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on’ (yeah, the same one Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor repeated quite a couple of times in their debut). Vocally she sounds all sensual and the production is contemporary enough, but I do not think ‘Like I Do’ will be one of the most memorable Liberation moments.


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