Single Review: Say Lou Lou – Ana

say lou lou ana.jpg

Say Lou Lou return with trip hop inspired sound on new single ‘Ana’
Say Lou Lou is officially back! The Swedish-Australian twin sisters first made an impact online in 2012 with their single ‘Maybe You’, but it wasn’t until 2015 that their stunning debut album Lucid Dreaming saw the light of day. The sisters toured with the record and released the occasional cover, but now they are fully ready for the next chapter in their career. You might as well forget everything you know about Miranda and Elektra, because they sound completely different on their new single ‘Ana’.

Say Lou Lou created a deliciously dreamy electro pop sound for themselves on their debut, but their new track ‘Ana’ sounds nothing like that at all. In fact, they went back to the 90s to dig up the celebrated trip hop sound and put their mark on it. The production is dark and their vocals sound distorted, but once you get used to their transformation, there is a lot to discover here. The hook is on point and the dramatic violins towards the end even make it sound like (a more experimental) James Bond soundtrack. There is no way that this going to become a radio hit, but I am pretty sure that is not what they were aiming for either way. Now that these ladies have me intrigued, I hope they don’t make us wait for months (or years) again before we hear more.

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