Single Review: Iggy Azalea – Kream / Tokyo Snow Trip

iggy azalea surviving the summer

Iggy Azalea drops double single as first taste of upcoming EP
Australian rapper and pop star Iggy Azalea kicked off her career impressively back in 2014 with big hiphop and pop hybrids ‘Fancy’ (feat. Charli XCX) and ‘Black Widow’ (feat. Rita Ora), but could not keep the momentum. She went from Queen of the Billboard Hot 100 to queen of delayed and cancelled releases just as fast as she came up. Although huge commercial success seems far away for Azalea now, she keeps on working on brand new tunes. In a month from now (on the 3rd of August) she will drop her new EP Survive The Summer and the first two tracks, ‘Kream’ (feat. Tyga) and ‘Tokyo Snow Trip’, are out now!

‘Kream’ seems to be getting the proper single push. The collab with Tyga opens with a reference to the famous ‘Money, Power, Hoes’ quote from the movie Scarface. The beats are deep, the raps laidback, but full of attitude, while the chorus mainly consists of the words ‘cash’, ‘ass’ and ‘bags’. Azalea and Tyga pay tribute to the Wu Tang Clan track ‘C.R.E.A.M with the line ‘cash rules everything around me’. ‘Tokyo Snow Trip’ was inspired by ‘Wait (The Whisper Song)’ by the Ying Yang Twins, as Iggy makes her way through the track whisper-rapping with a dynamic delivery. The lyrics mainly seem to be about sex and drug use, but sonically it is one of the most interesting things she has done so far. The beats hit hard and it is good to hear that she is capable of creating hooks without having another artist sing a chorus. Iggy seems no longer interested in chasing hits on ‘Kream’ and ‘Tokyo Snow Trip’ which results in a refreshing sound that fits her rapping style like a glove. It might not shoot her back up the charts, but Iggy Azalea definitely stepped up her game.

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