Single Review: Mary J. Blige – Only Love

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Mary J. Blige brings disco back on new single
It has been a while since we saw R&B legend Mary J. Blige at the top of the charts. She first claimed success in the early nineties in the US, but had worldwide monster hits with tracks like ‘Family Affair’, ‘No More Drama’ and ‘Be Without You’ in the early noughties. That however does not mean that she does not keep herself busy with recording new music these days. Her most recent album, Strength Of A Woman, came out in April last year while she also appeared as an actress in a handful of movies and series. Now she is ready to bring disco back with her brand new single ‘Only Love’.

Mary J. Blige introduced her new track to her fans on social media, writing the following: ” I had a year of so many ups and downs and have come out the other side with a renewed spirit and a fresh perspective. I’m entering my next chapter with an open mind and heart. ‘Only Love’ is where I am right now.” The lyrics of the tune describe how Mary was lost until she found a new love in her life, who lifted her up to new levels. These lyrics come to life in an uplifting, subtly swinging disco production with prominent backing vocals and soaring vocals and strings in the chorus. It is funky and brings back the absolute heydays of disco, without sounding out of place in this day and age. The thought of Mary J. doing disco never really crossed my mind, but now that I heard it I never want to go without it again!

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