Interview Molly Hammar: “We need to speak up about the sexualization of women’s bodies”


Molly Hammar has come a long way since she first found fame at the age of 15, participating in the Swedish version of Pop Idol. She took part in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish show to select their participant for the Eurovision Song Contest, twice and co-wrote Malta’s 2016 entry, for which she provided backing vocals on stage. It took her until the creation of her latest EP Sex to find her own voice though. Molly is now releasing independently and finally made her dream of creating a sensual, soulful R&B EP come true. We had a chat with her about the creation of the EP and what it means to be a young woman in an industry that still sexualizes the female body. “We need more non-men to speak up.”

On your new EP Sex you want to move away from stereotypical representations of sex in R&B. What is the story you want to tell with this collection of songs?
“I wanted to let people in to my world. What I talk about on the EP is my personal and honest take on sex as a 22 year old woman. This collection of songs is basically my diary.”

There still seems to be more of a taboo around women who express their sexuality in music as opposed to men. What do you think could or should be done within the music industry to change this?
“Yeah, there still is a taboo around women who speak up about their sexuality. I experienced this myself when my music video for ‘Blossom’ was refused sponsoring, because some companies thought it was too sexual. I find this interesting as I am not even doing anything sexual in that particular video. It was in that moment that I realized that women’s bodies still are constantly sexualized and we need more non-men to speak up so that we can turn this around.”

On a song like ‘Bathtub Moments’ you share some very intimate lyrics with the world. This must feel liberating, but at the same time slightly scary too. Were you worried about the reactions you would get?
“To be honest, it was a good thing that I did not think too much during the process of making this EP. I just did. Writing Sex was the first time in my life that I wasn’t creating for somebody else so when I realized that people would actually get to hear these songs, I both cried out of excitement and embarrassment. And those are exactly the feelings I want to evoke when people listen to them.”

Does it feel like you found the sound that suits you best with this EP?
“I have to say, I wouldn’t mind becoming the female version of Marvin Gaye. Does that answer your question?”

Sure does! How did collaborating with Lucas Nord and Nils ‘Melo’ Tull help you to make the SEX EP into what you needed it to be?
“The collaboration with Lucas and Nils might be the most important one of my life. They understood my vision and helped me realize it. For that I am forever grateful. You could say that they helped me find my integrity again.”

You went down a more independent road in your career recently. How did this change your creative process?
“As soon as you realize that you’re the one steering the boat the sooner things will start happening. I basically took control of my life, started listening to my gut feeling, decided what kind of people I wanted around me and after that, things started falling into place. I have so many beautiful people believing in me and working with me now. This however does not mean I am any less in control!”

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your career? Can we expect an album anytime soon?
“Well, wouldn’t that be lovely! My dreams are endless. Right now I take things day by day, but my dream is to tour in the UK someday. Next week would be nice! Other than that I am just going to continue to try empower those who need to be empowered and hopefully inspire people to have more sex!”

Thank you Molly, we feel inspired already after listening to the smooth, soulful and steamy Sex EP! Listen below and watch the video for ‘Blossom’ while you’re at it!

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