Single Review: Maggie Rogers – Give A Little

maggie rogers give a little

Maggie Rogers returns to form on new single ‘Give A Little’
Maggie Rogers is preparing the release of her upcoming album and has been casually dropping some singles to lead up to the big day, which is not officially announced yet. Rogers had her big break at the end of 2016 when a video of her playing her song ‘Alaska’ to Pharrell Williams during a workshop went viral. The song became a hit and she released the EP Now That The Light Is Fading next. After dropping the singles ‘Split Stones’ and ‘Fallingwater’, she goes into a poppier direction on her brand new track ‘Give A Little’.

In social media posts announcing the new track, Rogers explained: “I wrote ‘Give a Little’ on the day of the national school walk out for gun control. For all the months I’ve spent feeling helpless and frustrated with the world around me, on that day I was so inspired by the change these students were fighting and continue to fight for. As my friend Taylor put it, “a world where we treat problems as human issues, not political ones.” A world where we are visionary, not reactionary.”

The result is a subtle, light bop with an infectious radiofriendly chorus. The production is her signature mixture of electronic beats and synths with a catchy guitar riff. The melody of the chorus has got a funky quality and might brings Haim’s earlier work to mind. Maggie’s vocals have a hopeful yet outspoken quality to it in this track and the overall vibe is simply uplifting. This track should be able to get a bigger audience excited for her long awaited album!

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