Single Review: Robyn – Missing U

Robyn finally returns with new solo material
Her fans had to wait for ages, but Robyn is finally back. Eight years after the Swedish pop icon dropped the Body Talk EPs and album, she returns with new solo material. In the meantime she has done quite a few collaborations, including a full EP with Royksöpp and explored performing as a DJ. The new single ‘Missing U’ was teased in a video with interviews with her fans. It is her grand return in solo pop star form and it sounds like she just picked up where she left off in 2010!

Robyn does what Robyn does best on ‘Missing U’. After eight years one might expect a bigger change in sound, but the track sounds like it would have fit in well with her Body Talk work. Her vocals are sweet and emotive as always while the synths and beats support her from start to finish. Sonically it is not necessarily a step up, but she did not really need to in the first place. She still sounds as current as she did in 2010 and she never ever disappoints in the hooks department. This chorus is damn catchy, but in a quite subtle way. After a few plays you find yourself singing the chorus to yourself for the rest of the day. ‘Missing U’ is a sweet ode to her fans and marks her return to form!

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