Single Review: Troye Sivan – Animal

Troye Sivan serves last teaser before album release
The campaign leading up to Troye Sivan’s sophomore album Bloom has been going on all year. The Australian pop star dropped the brilliant synth pop bop ‘My My My!‘ in January and appeared at SNL with promo single ‘The Good Side’ soon after. It took a few months before he released the title track and Ariana Grande duet ‘Dance To This’ after which he finally announced the album would be out on the 31st of August. Today we get to hear the last teaser before the album, promo single ‘Animal’.

Although the title might make you think this will go straight into bop territory, ‘Animal’ is actually a classy synth ballad with some strong 80s influences. The chorus is anthemic and it is a love song in the purest sense of the word. Vocally, Sivan manages to deliver more emotional depth than usual and the pace change towards the end almost sounds like it belongs on a Frank Ocean album. His delivery in terms of timing there seems very ‘Frankian’ to me too. The production here keeps us on our toes from start to finish. ‘Animal’ sure is not the most radiofriendly thing Sivan has put his name to, but he for sure shows a whole different side to his art!

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