Single Review: Say Lou Lou – Golden Child

say lou lou golden child

Say Lou Lou drop single ‘Golden Child’ and announce second album
Say Lou Lou returned in June with their single ‘Ana’ which sounded completely different than anything else they have done before. Gone was the atmospheric, feather-light electro pop. A dark trip hop sound with an abundance of strings took its place. The Swedish-Australian twin sisters now announced they will drop their second album Immortelle (criticasters would call it an EP as it has only seven tracks) on the 21st of September and the second single ‘Golden Child’ is out now!

‘Golden Child’ is an anthemic slice of alt pop which again stays far removed from their electronic debut. There is prominent drums, a catchy guitar loop and subdued vocals by the duo. This time however, they prove they did not lose their immaculate ear for an all destroying pop hook. The “there’s fire burning in your bones tonight” part shines bright. The style of the song somewhat reminds me of fellow Swedes’ Lykke Li’s LIV project and Loreen’s latest album Ride. Their upcoming album might only be 7 tracks long, but if they are all as strong as ‘Golden Child’, I won’t complain!

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