Single Review: Mabel – One Shot

mabel one shot

Mabel aims for late summer hit with ‘One Shot’
Mabel has been on the verge of a breakthrough for years, but this year she is especially close to actually becoming one of the next big things internationally. After her single ‘Finders Keepers’ became a top 10 hit in her home country the UK at the end of last year, she had two more decent sized hits in 2018; at the start of the year the insanely catchy bop ‘Fine Line’ came dangerously close top top 10 and she came back just before the summer with Jax Jones feature ‘Ring Ring’. With her brand new single ‘One Shot’ she is aiming for her biggest solo hit yet!

It seems that Mabel has found a sound that works for her; the light, breezy, tropical bop! The Swedish-British star has heavily flirted with R&B during her career and these influences are still clearly hearable in her music, but in terms of production she went into a more straight up uptempo direction with slick beats and undeniably swinging rhythms. It all sounds very 2018, but Mabel has a certain star quality about her which tells me her success is not depending on a single trend. The lyrics of ‘One Shot’ are all about being confident and playing hard to get before you settle for someone in a relationship. You tell ’em girl! The idea of her dropping a full album is beyond exciting at this point, but for now ‘One Shot’ is exactly the kind of treat we were craving for this late in summer!

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