Single Review: Silk City & Dua Lipa – Electricity

silk city dua lipa electricity


Dua Lipa and Silk City ready to storm the charts with ‘Electricity’
When people told Dua Lipa that after the huge success of her single ‘New Rules’ in 2017, 2018 couldn’t possibly become anymore successful for her, she might have told them to hold her drink. Her collaboration ‘One Kiss’ with producer Calvin Harris conquered Europe, hit number 1 in the UK and even stayed in the top spot in the Netherlands for 16 weeks! Lipa is obviously hungry for more. She just announced the release of a ‘complete’ edition of her self titled debut album which will feature three new solo tracks and a couple of collaborations. The brand new track ‘Electricity’ with Silk City, the new project of Diplo and Mark Ronson, is one of those and it is out now!

Ronson and Diplo introduced the project earlier this year and started to test the waters by releasing two tracks, one featuring Australian singer-songwriter Daniel Merriweather and the next one with vocals by Swedish R&B artist Mapei. They are ready for a proper hit now with vocals by the golden girl of the moment Dua Lipa. ‘Electricity’ is written by a team of star writers including Lipa, Diplo, Ronson The xx’s Romy and Wynter Gordon and it is a sure fire smash! Lipa’s sultry vocals wrap themselves around the incredibly catchy melodies and reach an unexpected climax in the post chorus where her voice is modified strongly to a point where it sounds nothing like her anymore. We knew she had a deep and low tone, but this pushes it! The effect works perfectly for the swinging vibe of the tune though. Production wise the piano based, light house is not far off from the sound of ‘One Kiss’, but in comparison ‘Electricity’ sounds more vibrant and less one dimensional. The track has some interesting twists and turns in the production which save it from sounding too predictable. The only thing that is predictable here is that Silk City and Dua Lipa have a huge hit on their hands.

If that all was not enough, the video is one of the best Dua has done so far. She starts out with a solo choreography in an apartment and is joined by some dancers in the second verse. For the climax of the track they move to a rave where sweaty bodies visualize what the song is all about. For the few lost souls who were still in doubt: Dua Lipa is a STAR!

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