Single Review: Dua Lipa – Want To

dua lipa want to

Dua Lipa finally releases studio version of ‘Make Me’
Dua Lipa is going straight for the world record of longest pop album campaign ever. The first single of her self titled debut came out back in 2015 and the album itself dropped in the Spring of last year. The massive success of the single ‘New Rules’ gave the whole campaign a new boost and so more than a year later it still is not over. Lipa announced the release of a complete edition next month with three new solo tracks and some collaborations. She followed the huge success of Calvin Harris collab ‘One Kiss’ up with the outstanding track ‘Electricity’ (produced by Mark Ronson and Diplo as Silk City) yesterday. Now we get to hear ‘Want To’, the first of the solo tracks!

Fans who have been following Dua Lipa for a while now, might be familiar with ‘Want To’ already. She performed the track on a tour quite a few times. Although it was not included on the initial edition of the record, Jaguar decided to use it for a commercial campaign, which made Lipa and her team decide to share the full studio version with the world after all. And boy am I glad that they did! ‘Want To’ is a mysterious pop track with some killer vocals in the verses, her whispering the sentence ‘I dance if I want to’, followed by an electronic breakdown we all want to dance to. It might sound a bit more 2016 than 2018 if we’re honest, but that is easily forgiven knowing the back story of the song. Will Dua Lipa ever release a track that is not at least a tune and a half? Not today Satan, not today.

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