Single Review: MØ – Way Down

mo forever neverland

MØ announces second album and releases new single ‘Way Down’
A lot has happened in the career of the Danish pop star MØ since the release of her debut album No Mythologies To Follow back in 2014. She had huge success with Major Lazer collaborations ‘Lean On’ and ‘Cold Water’ and her solo single ‘Final Song’ became an international hit too. After a long string of singles she dropped an EP last year, but now it is finally time for her sophomore LP. She announced that the record Forever Neverland will be available on the 19th of October. The tracklist shows that both singles of this year, ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Sun In Our Eyes’, made the cut. The brand new tune is called ‘Way Down’ and it is out now!

With the breezy, more laidback pop of ‘Sun In Our Eyes’ MØ seemed to change up her sound a bit, but ‘Way Down’ sounds more like the MØ we have heard for a couple of years now. The track starts off with a deep bass and works its way to the chorus through a catchy verse. Of course there is a big drop happening and this time the flute is the main instrument. The last time it comes around it evolves into something more bombastic and needless to say it goes off! MØ herself describes the tune as a ‘semi-apocalyptic song about feeling scared and depressed about the ways of world politics these days’. She adds: “All information – both true and fake – just seems so chaotic and frightening that sometimes you want escape it for a moment and go ‘get drunk with your baby’ in the hopes of waking up reset and able.” ‘Way Down’ is our escape for 3 minutes (or longer if we just use the replay button)!

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