Single Review: Mariah Carey – GTFO


mariah carey gtfo

Mariah Carey tells us how she really feels on ‘GTFO’
It has been a while since Mariah Carey made headlines with a new release instead of some controversy. The American superstar released her most recent album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse back in 2014, while her last official single, ‘I Don’t’, was released early last year. MiMi is still keeping busy though! She had a Vegas residency show, toured around the world with a special number 1s tour and did concerts during the festive season. Now Carey is back with a fresh new single, not so subtly titled ‘GTFO’.

With ‘GTFO’, Mariah Carey serves another proper break up anthem. This time she tells the man who presented himself as a ‘prince’ and ‘knight in shining armour’, to find another place to live after he done her wrong. Her subdued and almost tender sounding vocals make the messages like ‘why don’t you get the f**k out?’ and ‘go stay at your friend’s house or something’ sound properly passive aggressive. The track was produced by Nineteen85, who works with Drake regularly. The soundscape he created for Mariah is not all too different, which makes Mariah sound fresher than she has done in a good while. The sound is very 2018, but it never feels like she is chasing trends as the delicate production goes hand in hand with her high pitched vocals. It seems unrealistic to expect a Mariah Carey release to set the charts on fire in 2018, but at least she sounds more relevant than she has done in a good while. ‘GTFO’ sure would not sound out of place on radio these days!

Update: Mariah is lowkey chilling in lingerie in the video for ‘GTFO’:

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