The Ultimate Avril Lavigne Top 12


Avril Lavigne is about to make her big comeback. On the 19th of September, she will drop the long awaited single ‘Head Above Water’ and here’s hoping it will mark her return to the top of the charts. To celebrate the fact that we finally get some new Avril music in our lives, we look back at her twelve finest singles so far!

12. Here’s To Never Growing Up (2013)
Avril Lavigne dropped her most recent self-titled album back in 2013. Although the record did not become as much of a success as its predecessors, she managed to have a hit with the lead single ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’. The track showed off that Avril still had the same unapologetic attitude and she could have fun like she did ten years before. The track updates her signature pop-rock sound with a then contemporary production and a big feel good singalong chorus!

11. Wish You Were Here (2011)
‘Wish You Were Here’ was the third single released from Lavigne’s fourth album Goodbye Lullaby. Although the song could be described as predictable in terms of the straightforward pop ballad sound with similar lyrical content to her hit ‘When You’re Gone’, it is just so well done. The chorus that starts off with the words ‘damn damn damn, what I’d to do to have you near’ hits straight away and it deserved to be an actual hit!

10. Girlfriend (2007)
‘Girlfriend’ was the upbeat lead single of her third album The Best Damn Thing. The almost annoyingly catchy tune became Avril’s first and only number 1 single in the USA and grew out to be one of her biggest hits around the world. Back in 2007 it was record breaking too, as it was the first video to ever break 100 million views on YouTube. At the time of writing the video even has over 440 million hits. Way to go Avril!

09. Don’t Tell Me (2004)
‘Don’t Tell Me’ was released as the lead single of her sophomore album Under My Skin and although it might not be considered as one of her biggest classics, it did its job back then. The track introduced a more rock-based sound with loud guitars dominating the chorus. Lyrically, Avril had a strong message for her young female fans. She shows them how she fights off guys who only hang out with her because they want to sleep with her. A powerful tune from start to finish!

08. When You’re Gone (2007)
With ‘When You’re Gone’, Avril delivered a classic pop ballad with a huge chorus and some larger than life vocals. The track is all about missing someone dearly and the video underlines this with emotional love stories being depicted. Lavigne admitted it was the first time she wrote a love song and she did an excellent job at it, creating a song that seemed to move a lot of listeners.

07. Nobody’s Home (2004)
‘Nobody’s Home’ is easily one of the darkest tracks Lavigne has ever put her name to. She wrote the song with Ben Moody from Evanescence, about a girl who is struggling with depression and can’t seem to get her life back on track. Avril explained that she wrote it about a girl in her high school. The lyrics of the chorus are truly heartbreaking and showed an impressive maturity in her songwriting.

06. What The Hell (2011)
After the huge success of ‘Girlfriend’, it was no suprise that Lavigne came back with another bouncy, chanty pop banger. In my opinion, she did it even better this time around, with richer hooks and a very effective production. Lyrically, it is Avril as we know her, not caring what others have to say about her behaviour. Every time this song comes on I can’t help but wanting to scream on the top of my lungs: “All my life I’ve been good but now, I’m thinking WHAT THE HELL!” This might not have aged the best way to everyone’s ear, but the chorus still gets me every single time!

05. I’m With You (2002)
‘I’m With You’ was the first proper ballad Lavigne shared with us. It was part of her debut album Let Go and became her third big hit in a row. Loads of youngster could relate to the lyrics about feeling alone and needing help finding your place in the world. Avril’s delivery is fragile and emotive when she belts out the big notes in the chorus. This is an absolute classic and not only in the karaoke bars. Even Rihanna loved it, as she used a sample of the middle-eight in her own hit ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’.

04. Complicated (2002)
‘Complicated’ was Avril’s debut single and break out hit. The infectious midtempo pop track with the laidback attitude reached number 1 in her home country Canada, Australia and a handful of European countries, while ending up in top 3 in both the US and UK. Way to kick off a career for sure! The chorus ticks all the boxes a pop classic should and turned out to be a timeless tune.

03. Losing Grip (2002)
‘Losing Grip’ was the fourth single of Avril’s debut and with this album, the quality of the singles definitely did not decline one bit. It was her most rock oriented track back then, but the chorus proved to be tailor made for radio. This remains one of her absolute strongest break-up anthems and God knows we all need a few of those every once in a while.

02. Sk8er Boi (2002)
‘Sk8er Boi’ is arguably Lavigne’s most iconic track that will probably pop up in people’s minds first when discussing the pop star. The track tells the tale of a boy who is considered weird by his crush and her friends because he is a skater. He becomes a star, while the girl he fell in love with only wants him after he becomes famous. Revenge is sweet when he ends up with Avril herself! The bouncy punk pop production complements the unforgettable chorus that should find its way on to every single noughties playlist!

01. My Happy Ending (2004)
This might not be the most obvious choice as number 1 in a Avril Lavigne top list, but for me, this is hands down her best work to date. ‘My Happy Ending’ was released as the second single of Under My Skin and surpassed the success of its predecessor. The rock arrangement, the explosive but oh so catchy chorus and the powerful break up lyrics make this an absolute Avril classic that encompasses all that makes her great as a pop star. If her new single ‘Head Above Water’ could even come close to the iconic chorus of this track, I will be stanning again!

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